Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am seriously embarrassed that over a year has flown by. I think about Luca a lot but somehow haven't gotten pen to paper (keyboard to screen?). Tomorrow is the SIDS and Kids remembering service (and Red Nose Day) so I've taken the day off work. Talk about mixed feelings... apprehensive but somehow looking forward to some time to think about Luca and remember. During the service they have a time where parents can go on stage and speak about their child. I'm thinking of going up and saying something but somehow nothing seems good enough.

With Eliana off to school for the first time this year I've found myself telling new people about Luca for the first time in ages - mums of other children. And it's different now. I guess I'm lighter about the whole thing. But scratch a bit deeper and I'm still missing him.

Here's pictures of the two girls for Red Nose Day...

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